About Us

Are you prepared if a loved one goes missing?

Owl – Once Was Lost can help you during the unwanted and unexpected event a loved one is missing or lost.

OWL is a World Wide, Real-Time phone application for iOS and Android platforms and first of its kind partner podcast of the same name.

Users enter descriptive details of dependents, upload a recent photo to the app and save those details. In the unwanted event, a user has one of their dependents go missing, become lost or runaway for example. Just recall those saved details in the app, update the details of your current location, time and “initiate alert”. All users logged into the app will receive your missing persons alert and all user locations will be viewable on the user

map. Chats and coordination of efforts between the “initiator” and “users” can assist its people to recover those missing people faster than current antiquated processes.

Before leaving your house on a trip anywhere; the mall, a sporting event, an amusement park or the airport. In any large area people can be separated. Take the time for that current photo opportunity, save it in the app with those descriptions, and in the worst-case scenario you lose a loved one. Initiate your alert and find your lost ones.

The success of OWL is dependent on its user base. Join us today and support this movement. We MUST HAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS FOR THIS TO WORK. It will save many lives if you just take the minute to download the app and subscribe to the OWL Once Was Lost Podcast which is A Sonder Production.